B & B Institute of Business ABE Diploma Programme

B & B Institute of Business ABE Diploma Programme



The Association of Business Executives (www.abeuk.org) is a UK-based professional organization formed in 1973 that offers internationally certified business education courses. ABE courses qualify you for entry into further studies at several universities around the world, including the University of the West Indies and Heriot-Watt University, and various professional bodies (eg: the ACCA).


Course Overview

The ABE Diploma  in Business Management is an international UK based business qualification. We offer the ABE Introductory (Level IV) and the Intermediate (Level V) international business-management diploma programmes. The ABE Diploma provides a sound introduction into the theory and practice of business and can be used as either a stepping stone for a career in business or a foundation for managing your own business.

Why should you pursue the ABE Diploma Programme? 

(Visit www.abeuk.com for more information)

Value for money:  The Introductory (Level IV) diploma covers the same material as the CXC Maths and English syllabus.   You can then get two-for-the-price-of-one, as while studying for the qualification you can use the Level IV classes as a “refresher” course in case you want to re-sit these subjects to get a higher grade.  Also, you will not pay extra for text-books as these are included in the cost

Progression to universities worldwide, including the Heriot-Watt University(www.hw.ac.uk – the #3 university in Scotland) degrees in Management &Psychology, Business Administration, Business & Finance and Accounting & Finance that are available at B&B.   You have the option of starting the HWU degrees in Jamaica, then completing them in Scotland.  This means that if you wish to experience studying overseas at a top university you can do so at a cheaper cost – by completing part of the degree in Jamaica and part in Scotland, you will lower the total amount you pay to study overseas.

International recognition, accreditation and marketability:  The ABE is accredited by the University Council of Jamaica, and thus allows entry to all universities locally (eg: UWI, U-Tech).  In addition, it is internationally accredited by the Office of Qualifications (Ofqual-the national regulator in the UK) and regulatory bodies in several countries around the world such as Trinidad and Tobago, Singapore and Hong-Kong.  The ABE has around 50,000 students studying their qualifications in over 500 centres in 82 countries.  All of this means that you will obtain a globally marketable qualification that is well-known and accepted around the world

Fast-track progression:   You can get a university degree in a shorter time than with other routes.   You can start the Introductory (Level IV) diploma with 3 CXCs, and finish this in 1 year.  Completion of the Introductory (Level IV) diploma qualifies you to enter Stage I of the HWU degree.  If you spend another three years finishing the HWU, that means that you can obtain an internationally recognised degree within four years of leaving 5th Form.


How to Register:

Pick up and complete a registration form and payment contract at our office. These form can be downloaded (click here to register online/download forms) so you can print and complete before handing them in at our office. If student is under 18, parents will be required to accompany student to complete and sign both the registration and contract forms. If parent cannot come in, then students may take the documents to their parents to sign.  Signatures must be done by one of our staff members, JP, policeman or pastor.

  • Bring one passport-sized photograph
  • Bring all certificates/qualifications to meet eligibility requirement of at least 2 CXC passes.

Remember, the ABE business management diploma gives a fast-track entry route into the Heriot-Watt (HWU) undergraduate degree programme at B&B University College.  After you complete ABE, you can matriculate into either of these options: Business Administrator, Management and Business and Finance degree programmes.

Remember, the ABE (www.abeuk.com) gives you the BEST value-for-money.  Just think of the benefits it offers to participants, such as:


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