B & B Institute of Business Professional Development Courses

B & B Institute of Business Professional Development Courses

At B&B, we offer unique, quality, internationally-focused programmes that set you apart from your peers by enhancing your knowledge, skills and abilities in critical areas relevant to your profession. This then increases your value and earning power. The courses are components of our Edinburgh Business School Masters programme. Choose from any of our credit bearing executive education courses and benefit from the benefits of having a qualification from the #2 university in Scotland. The Courses offered are listed by subject below.

Marketing: Sales-Force Management; Principles of Retailing.

Strategic Management: Strategic Risk Management; Competitive Strategy; Making Strategies Work; Alliances and Partnerships; Mergers & Acquisitions

Financial Management: Derivatives; Financial Risk Management; Credit Risk Management; Mergers & Acquisitions

Construction Management: Construction Financial Management; Asset Maintenance and Management; Construction Project Management; Value and Risk Management in Construction.

Human Resource Management: Developing Effective Managers and Leaders; Managing People in Changing Contexts.

5 Benefits of Choosing a Course

1. Extended class schedule reduces time-demands on you

Classes are held once a month on Saturdays for five months. This extended schedule reduces the time-demands normally associated with post-graduate training and makes the courses more suited to the needs of busy professionals with severe time constraints.

2. Extensive learning material provides future reference aids:

The cost includes extensive learning support material (eg: a textbook, on-line access, video tutorials, slides). These provide valuable job-reference tools for the future and will also reduce the need to attend every single class session.

3. Enhance your Resume with a Certificate of Achievement

On successful completion, participants receive a credit-bearing certificate of achievement from Edinburgh Business School, the school of business of the #2 university in Scotland (see sample attached). This is globally accepted and enhances their resumes significantly

4. Increase your professional respect and influence

Courses from the Scottish university system are arguably more in-depth and comprehensive than those from other systems. The extensive coverage of topics then ensures that participants are more knowledgeable and have more expertise in an area than their peers. All our graduates can testify that the EBS courses have widened their knowledge considerably. If you wish, we can refer you to senior professionals who can verify the impact of the programme on their lives

5. Better value for money

The training investment per course is payable in three installments beginning the month before classes start. Group discounts of up to 25% are available. The relative cost makes the EBS option one of the most affordable post-graduate training options that provides the best value-for-money in the Jamaican marketplace today.

Digital Marketing Strategy

Association of Business Executives Short Course

Project Management

Strategic Planning

Alliances and Partnerships

Competitive Strategy

Credit Risk Management

Financial Risk Management

Making Strategies Work

Mergers and Acquisitions


Performance Management

Principles of Retailing

Sales Force Management

Services Marketing

Strategic Negotiation

SHRM Seminar in Organisational Development

Strategic Risk Management

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