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B&B University College City & Guilds Diploma Programmes

B&B University College City & Guilds Diploma Programmes The C&G Diploma Programme are British  diploma qualifications that are at the same level as an American-style Associate Degree.  The C&G diplomas on offer at B&B are a)Telecommunication b)Social Media c)Digital Marketing Students must have five CSEC subjects to enter the programme, inclusive of mathematics and English Language. … Read More »

B&B University College ABE Diploma Programme

B&B University College ABE Diploma Programme Introduction The Association of Business Executives ( is a UK-based professional organization formed in 1973 that offers internationally certified business education courses. ABE courses qualify you for entry into further studies at several universities around the world, including the University of the West Indies and Heriot-Watt University, and various professional… Read More »

B&B University College Professional Programmes

B&B University College Professional Programmes Career counselors agree that you should pursue a two-pronged path to develop the skills necessary for career success. Firstly, an academic qualification (BSc, MBA, etc) should be pursued to establish an intellectual base. For further development, continuing education is key to ensure that your skills stay current. The continuing education programmes… Read More »