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Church Teachers’ College | Courses | Entry Requirements | Contact

About Church Teachers’ College

Church Teachers’ College was established in 1965 with the blessing and authority of the Rt. Rev. Percival Gibson, then Bishop of the Anglican Diocese of Jamaica. Church Teachers’ College Offers opportunities for individual as well as group counseling on issues pertinent to life-changes, personal growth and development so that students may successfully navigate college life

Church Teachers’ College Programmes

Programmes Offered on Main Campus (Day College)

These programmes are done Full-Time in the days.

  1. Bachelor of Education (B.Ed) in Early Childhood Education
  2. Bachelor of Education (B.Ed) in Primary Education
  3. Bachelor of Education (B.Ed) in Secondary Education

Programmes Offered on Main Campus (Evening College)

These programmes are done Full-Time in the evening. The Evening Institute of Church Teachers’ College had its inception in September 1979. It was developed to facilitate the expansion of learning opportunities for students who did not achieve the desired result in the Caribbean Secondary Examination Council (CSEC) Examination, or who had failed to attain the matriculation requirements for entry into specific academic programmes of the college.

  1. Associate of Science Degree for Early Childhood Teachers.
  2. Bachelor of Education with Advanced Standing (Diploma Upgrade/B.Ed Completion or B.E.A.S.P Programme) must possess a Teachers Diploma.
  3. Bachelor of Education (B.Ed) in Early Childhood Education.
  4. Bachelor of Education (B.Ed) in Secondary Education.

Programmes Offered on Off-Site Campus (Brown’s Town)

These programmes are done Full-Time on our Brown’s Town Campus.

  1. Associate of Science Degree for Early Childhood Teachers.
  2. Bachelor of Education with Advanced Standing (Diploma Upgrade/B.Ed Completion or B.E.A.S.P Programme) must possess a Teachers Diploma.
  3. Bachelor of Education (B.Ed) in Early Childhood Education.
  4. Bachelor of Education (B.Ed) in Secondary Education with a single option of Physical Education and Social Studies.

Collaborative Programmes (Main Campus)

These programmes are done Full-Time or Part-Time on our main Campus.

  1. Master of Science in Mathematics Teaching (University of Technology,UTech)
  2. Master of Educational Leadership (Temple University)
  3. Doctor of Education in Educational Administration (Temple University)
  4. The Middle Leaders’ Training Programme (The National College for Educational Leadership,NCEL)

Subject Options Currently Available

The below listed subject options, are only available to students who wish to pursue the Bachelor of Education (B.Ed) in Secondary Education. 

Double Major Programmes

  • English (Language and Literature)
  • Science (Chemistry, Physics or Biology- choose any two)
  • Human Ecology (Food & Nutrition, Clothing & Textiles, Home Management – Need a grade two [2] to qualify)
  • Mathematics

Major/Minor Programmes

Students MUST pursue subjects in ONE of the following combinations

Majors                                          Minors 

Religious Education                      History or Social Studies

Physical Education                       Science,  Mathematics, Geography or Social Studies

Computer Science                        Mathematics, Business Education or Science

Spanish                                           English or Social Studies

Mathematics                                  Science, Business Education or Computer Science

Geography                                      Science or Social Studies

Social Studies                                 History, Geography, Religious Education or Science

Evening Full-Time Programmes (Four (4) Year Bachelor in Education)                       

Double Major Programmes

  • English (Double Major)

Major/Minor Programmes

Majors                                                      Minors

Mathematics                                             Business Education

Computer Science                                    Business Education

Church Teachers’ College Tuition Fees

The information below regarding tuition is provided for your convenience. While we endeavour to publish accurate information; Church Teachers’ College reserves the right to increase, readjust, add new fees or cancel the charges listed herein, whenever it becomes necessary.

All fees and or incidental charges are for the ensuing academic year and are subject to change by action of the College in consultation with the Ministry of Education without prior notice. The listing does not constitute a contract between Church Teachers’ College and the student. As a condition of registration, each student duly registered MUST pay the appropriate fee(s) in effect at the time of registration.The College strongly recommends against sending monies through the mail.

NOTICE: The fees listed below are for the 2015-2016 academic year.



Year I Year II Year III Year IV
Cost Sharing Fees (JMD) $217,304.00 $221,255.00 $228,380.00 $238,760.00
Miscellaneous Fees (JMD) $37,500.00 $20,500.00 $17,500.00 $17,500.00
Total (JMD) $254,804.00 $241,755.00 $245,880.00 $256,260.00

Cost sharing fee may have payment options attached. See the Accounts Department for details.  All fees are subject to change by Church Teachers’ College Board of Management in consultation with the Ministry of Education.

Church Teachers’ College Application Procedure

Step 1: 

Complete Application Form

Complete application form using online application system or using a printed application form.  The application process attracts a non-refundable cost which must be paid when prospective students submit documents.

Submission of supporting Documents
Step 2:

Applicants will be asked to submit the following documents:

  • Application Fee Receipt
  • Birth Certificate
  • Marriage Certificate (if applicable)
  • Deed Poll (if possible)
  • Transcript
  • CXC/GCE Certificates (certified copies by a Justice of the Peace or Minister of Religion)
  • 2 Letters of Recommendation (from: a Minister of Religion or Justice of the Peace and Principal of last school attended or last employer)
  • 2 certified passport-sized photographs

Step 3


Applicants will be required to attend an interview.

Step 4:

Selection and Acceptance

After selections are made applicants will be sent an acceptance notification, and will be required to sit a proficiency test.

Church Teachers’ College Scholarship

CTCAAi is pleased to announce the Kerr-Jarrett Gift of Hope award of USD250.00 available to any student, currently pursuing Early Childhood or Primary education at Church Teachers’ College, Mandeville, Jamaica. It is intended to provide hope for the future of young children who will be educated as a result of the support offered by one who received her education from the College. Repayment in cash by the beneficiary will not be obligatory however the recipient will be required to fulfill the eligibility criteria, maintain a grade level acceptable to the College and CTCAAi and display a personal conduct that befits CTC’s mission statement to “…develop positive attitudes, morals and values so as to be effective leaders in the communities they serve”. It is the donor’s expectation that the KJGH award will help to pave the way forward for someone else to benefit from the quality education received from her Alma Mater by instilling the hope of a better tomorrow through education delivered to the children he/she encounters. Should the recipient fail to meet these conditions, he /she will be required to provide CTCAAi’s STAR Committee with a written explanation surrounding the circumstances and corrective actions to improve it, before the end of the first semester of that particular academic year. This year the 2012 Gift will be disbursed on February 1, 2013, or as soon as a recipient has been identified; and provision of any information regarding the beneficiary’s performance will be received before the end of the second semester, on an exception basis. Please click on the links to download your cover letter, application guidelines and form to apply for this Gift, payable to Church Teachers’ College. Further details and application kit may be received from Church Teacher’s College at 40 Manchester Road, Mandeville, Manchester, JAMAICA or via email to

Church Teachers’ College Handbook

Student Handbook

Church Teachers’ College Contact Us

Main Campus: Church Teachers’ College: Mandeville. P.O. Box 41, 40 Manchester Rd., Mandeville, Jamaica.

Extension Campus: Church Teachers’ College: Brown’s Town. Harrison Plaza, 9 main Street, Brown’s Town, St. Ann, Jamaica W.I.




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