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Excelsior Community College | Courses | Entry Requirements | Contact

About Excelsior Community College

The Excelsior Community College is proud of its years of Service to Jamaica.

An educational institution of the Methodist Church in the Caribbean and the Americas, the college recognizes the importance of human development.  Established out of the dreams, dedication, persistence and love for community of the late founder A. Wesley Powell,  Excelsior Community College set the pace and standards for community colleges in Jamaica and has influenced others in the Caribbean.

The College has established vital links with the community through associations with neighbourhood groups and the private sector, and have been responsive to their developmental needs while also creating opportunities to address the challenges faced by its members

The success of the Excelsior Community College is due not just to the vision of its founder and administrators, but to the loyalty, dedication and contribution of staff members. Graduates have moved on to other tertiary institutions and have also made their mark in very important areas of our society and on the international scene.

In this very dynamic, global and competitive educational environment, the college is in the process of re-positioning itself to meet the challenges that have been created with the information era. The task is great, but Excelsior Community College will succeed in its mission.

The Excelsior Community College family welcomes you to explore our College as we recommit ourselves to reaching even greater heights.

Excelsior Community College Faculties

No matter which of our schools, programs or campuses you choose, we guarantee that your education at ECC will be first rate. Our five faculties offer a diverse and fascinating range of programmes. And our programmes offer a multitude of practical learning options including such things as: work experience and internships.Choose from our range of courses and take that important first step toward a lifetime of success.

Inside Faculties

Faculty of Humanities and Education
  • School of Education and Workforce Development
  • School of Liberal Arts & Humanities
  • School of Library Technical Education
  • School of Performing Arts
Faculty of Business Management
  • School of Business Management and Entrepreneurial Studies
  • School of Tourism Hospitality and Entertainment Management
Faculty of Computer Science and Engineering
  • School of Computer Studies
  • School of Engineering Logistics and the Built Environment
Faculty of Pure and Applied Science
  • School of Aesthetics and Cosmetology
  • School of Natural Science and Mathematics
  • School of Nursing

Excelsior Community College Courses Offered

Excelsior Community College Academic Requirements and Policies

Academic Excellence
Here at Excelsior Community College academic excellence is highly treasured, and it is in this regard we therefore seek to recognise it as much as possible. Students are encouraged at every step of the way to strive towards excellence in their academic careers here at ECC. It is with this view in mind that we put on an annual Academic Awards function. This to showcase those of our students who have done exceptionally….Read More

How to Apply At Excelsior Community College

Applications to the College are received each year from April to August for all full- time programmes, the exception to this is the School of  Nursing . Applications  for the BSc. Nursing programme (UWI) are usually received from November to January each year. Application deadlines vary for Summer and modular courses based on the start dates for these courses. Application forms can be obtained at the Student Affairs Office or downloaded from this site (see link to application form below). There is a non-refundable application fee. Applications may be considered during September but…Read More

Excelsior Community College Online Registration

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Excelsior Community College Scholarships and Awards

A number of scholarships, bursaries and awards are awarded annually. Sensitive to the difficulties, which some students experience in funding their education, the College’s Administration is committed to identifying and making available to students , possible sources of financial assistance. These may include Private Sources, Students Loan Bureau, Financial Aid, Scholarships and Bursaries, Employer Support and so on.

Available scholarships include:

  • The Sanguinette Award
  • Sports Scholarships
  • Departmental Scholarships
  • Community Scholarships

Students selected for College Scholarships and awards must satisfy certain conditions that may include, but are not restricted to:

  • Proven financial need.
  • Remaining in good academic standing
  • Demonstrating good moral character and leadership
  • Demonstrating a sense of social responsibility
  • Participation in co-curricular activities

Further information on available scholarships and awards may be obtained from the Guidance and Counseling Unit or the Coordinator of Scholarships and Financial Aid.

N.B.  A student receiving a scholarship will be required to have a relative/ employer sign an affidavit/ contract accepting responsibility for financial support in the event that the scholarship/sponsorship does not materialize. Adult students proving ability to pay their own fees may sign the affidavit on their own behalf. 

Contact Excelsior Community College


 Phone: 876-928-5070

Email: info@ecc.edu.jm

Main Campus

137 Mountain View Avenue,

Kingston 3, Jamaica

Deanery Road Campus

School of Engineering, Logistics and the Built Environment

69 Deanery Road

Kingston 3, Jamaica

Tel: (876) 928-0040


Camp Road Campus

School of Tourism Hospitality and Entertainment Management

20 Camp Road

Kingston, Jamaica

Tel: (876) 930-0851/928-0038


Church Street Campus

School of Performing Arts

95 Church Street

Kingston, Jamaica

Tel: (876) 928-5070


St. Thomas Campus

Wesley Grove, Port Morant P.O.

Tel. (876) 982 8236/982 8787

School of Nursing – EAN

Princess Margaret Hospital

54 Lysons Road, Morant Bay

Tel: (876) 703-6586

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