Jamaica Defence Force Information Booth

By | July 27, 2017

Jamaica Defence Force Information Booth

The Civil/Military Cooperation and Media Affairs (CMC) branch of the Headquarters Jamaica Defence Force is responsible for the management of the JDF’s media and civil affairs activities in accordance with the Chief of Defence Staff’s policy on such matters.  The Office is also responsible for the preparation and distribution of public statements expressing the official position of Headquarters Jamaica Defence Force on specific matters.

The branch has two Staff Officers (SO) and is presently headed by Captain Basil Jarrett who serves in the appointment of SO2 J9 (CMC).  His Second in Command is Lieutenant Brenetta Hunter-Knauff who holds the appointment SO3 J9 (CMC).
You may contact the office as follows:

Telephone:   (876) 926 – 7668 
Fax:                (876) 926 – 8243
Email:            cmc_clerk@yahoo.com

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