Jamaican Canadian Association Foundation’s Annual Scholarship Program

By | July 7, 2017

Jamaican Canadian Association Foundation’s Annual Scholarship Program

Dr. Ezra Nesbeth Scholarship 


Sponsored by Dr. Ezra Nesbeth, a graduate of the University of Waterloo and the University of Toronto with varied and extensive experience in community and health programs. He is a strong advocate of self-help programs within communities and the workplace. Dr. Nesbeth donates generously to the Afro-Canadian community and the JCA.


I Have a Dream Scholarships

Sponsored by the Jamaican Canadian Association to assist students with significant personal achievements beyond scholastic ability. This includes personal accomplishments in spite of adversity.


Erma Collins Scholarship

Sponsored by Professor Erma Collins. She retired from George Brown College in 1998, after 27 years of service as a professor of English and 5 years as the chairperson of the English and Liberal Studies Department at St. James Campus. Professor Collins has been volunteering for several years in the JCA and other organizations. Her lifelong commitment to education has motivated her to sponsor this scholarship.


Marcus Mosiah Garvey Scholarships

Sponsored by the JCA to increase awareness of Afro-Canadians of the life, philosophy and work of

Marcus Garvey. This includes his goals of universal independence and positive development of the

Black Race. The Marcus Garvey Scholarship will be awarded to Jamaicans enrolled as International

Students in Ontario Universities/Colleges


Dr. Mary Anne Chambers Scholarship

This scholarship is sponsored by Dr. Mary Ann Chambers, a former Minister of Training Colleges and

Universities, and Minister of Children and Youth Services in the Government of Ontario. Prior to serving in government she was a Senior Vice-President of Scotia Bank, where she earned a reputation for superior performance and responsible ethics-based leadership. Her personal commitment to education includes the sponsoring of early childhood institutions in Jamaica through P.A.C.E. (Canada), an academic mentorship program for middle and high school students in partnership with the University of Toronto, and the provision to-date, of more than 30 scholarships for postsecondary education.


Walker Family Bursary

This Bursary is donated by long standing JCA members Gifford and Raphalita Walker.



Ryerson Scholarships

Sponsored by Ryerson University for one male and one female first year student attending that

university. The special mission of Ryerson is the advancement of applied knowledge and research

to address societal need, and the provision of programs of study that provide a balance between

theory and application and that prepare students for careers in professional and quasi-professional

fields. As a leading centre for applied education, Ryerson is recognized for the excellence of its teaching, the relevance of its curriculum, the success of its students in achieving their academic and career objectives, research and creativity, and its commitment to accessibility, lifelong learning, and involvement in the broader community.


Humber College Institute of Technology and Advanced Learning Scholarships

As one of Canada’s leading educational institutions, Humber College supports its students through

scholarships and bursaries. This scholarship is offered to a Humber College first year student who

exemplifies community leadership and maintains a high academic standing. Humber, a member of

Polytechnics Canada, is committed to student success through excellence in teaching and learning.

Humber’s broad range of career-focus programs includes apprenticeship, certificate, diploma,  bachelor’s degree, and post graduate certificates. Humber students learn from award-winning

faculty in state of the art labs and classrooms that stimulate working environments. More than 90%

of Humber graduates are employed within six months of completing studies.


Eva Smith Bursary

This bursary is named in honor of the late Eva Smith, a tireless community worker who dedicated

her life to youth concerns, women’s rights, immigration issues, education and community  empowerment. Sponsored by the Eva Smith Achievement Association, this bursary is awarded to

African-Canadian youth (including single parents and those in the justice system), who are pursuing

a post-secondary education.


York Regional Police Scholarship

This Scholarship is donated by York Regional Police, in keeping with their Motto: Deeds Speak.


The Brown Dental Scholarships

These scholarships are donated by Dr. Lancelot A. Brown, who was born in Montreal to Jamaican

parents. His university education included 2 years of a Bachelor of Science in Honours Biochemistry, and 4 years of dental school, graduating with a Doctor of Dental Surgery, all from McGill University. He then gained an additional 4 years of training and experience in the Canadian Armed Forces Dental Services, the last two years of which he was appointed as the Officer in Charge of the Royal Military College Dental Clinic.


Marcia Brown Productions Scholarships

This Bursary is sponsored by Marcia Brown, the founder and artistic director of one of Canada’s and this Province’s most vital theatre companies Marcia Brown Productions. She is an acclaimed producer, writer, director and performer. As one of the top female actresses in the Toronto’s Caribbean community Marcia is definitely no stranger to avid theatre-goers.


The Jamaican Canadian Association Walk Good Scholarships

These scholarships are sponsored by the JCA from partial proceeds of 2016 Walk A Thon fundraising event.


Roy B Stewart Memorial Bursary

This Bursary is sponsored in memory of the late Roy B Stewart.


Dudley Laws Memorial Scholarships

This scholarship is sponsored in memory of the late Dudley Laws, a civil rights activist and executive director of the Black Action Defence Committee (BADC). He influenced the development and launch of the Somerleyton and Geneva Road Association in Brixton and also joined the Standing Conference of the West Indies and the St Johns Inter-Racial Club. In 1965, he relocated to Toronto, Ontario, Canada, where he worked as a welder and taxi driver. He joined the Universal African Improvement Association, a Garveyite organization. Laws became prominent in the 1970s and 1980s as a critic of the then Metropolitan Toronto Police Force, due to a number of young black men being shot by police constables, as well as other allegations of racist practices against the police. He has also been prominent as an advocate for immigrants and refugees and worked as an immigration consultant in the 1990s. In 1988, he founded the Black Action Defence Committee following the police shooting of Lester Donaldson.


Progressive Movementz Multi-Links Services Scholarship

 Progressive Movementz Multi-Links Services (formerly) Total Prayz Promotions is a “One Stop Shop” Multi-Media, Marketing, Production, Development and Publicist Company established in 2000 by hardworking entrepreneur, community advocate and inspirational recording singer/songwriter artiste Simone Banton aka Queen Banton.

Simone has been actively involved in community volunteering since the age of twelve (12) and in 2009, Simone launched Heart of Gold Mission Outreach to assist persons in Canada, Africa and the Caribbean; by providing higher education opportunities for youth and equipping families with the appropriate resources to attain a brighter future.


Tiffany Harris Scholarship

Tiffany Harris is a Chartered Accountant who received a Jamaican Canadian Scholarship in 2003 that helped to jump start her educational journey of excellence. Graduating from the University of Toronto with High Distinction in the Bachelor of Business Administration program, Tiffany obtained her Chartered Accountant designation in 2009. She holds the position of Controller, Research Financial Operations for the Hospital for Sick Children and prior to that worked as the Manager of Risk and Compliance for Sears Canada and as a Senior Accountant for Ernst and Young, where she was the recipient of Gold and Silver Awards in recognition of her commitment to the organization’s values and her high quality of work and professional attitude.


Enid Collins Scholarship

Professor Enid Collins is a pioneer in the field of nursing. She began her career in Jamaica before

immigrating to Canada in the early 1960s. In Canada, she pursued undergraduate and graduate

studies in nursing and education. Her work experience involved various specialties including Paediatrics, Women’s Health, Oncology and Community Health Nursing. Prior to retiring from Ryerson University School of Nursing in 2001, Enid had worked in various facets of nursing education for over two decades.

Fay Conville Memorial Scholarship

This Scholarship is donated in memory of the late Fay Conville. Fay was a devoted member and builder of the Jamaican Canadian Association for more than 40 years.  She was a dedicated volunteer, especially with the scholarship committee and the Saturday Morning Tutorial Program. Fay Conville will be sadly missed by the JCA and wider community.

JCA Past President Scholarship

This Scholarship is donated by JCA Past Presidents Roy Williams, Herman Stewart, Nehemiah Bailey and Kamal-Jean Gopie.  The award is intended for relatives of JCA members or for students who have volunteered, or participated actively in the organization.


Stacy-Ann Buchanan Scholarship

Sponsored by Stacy- Ann Buchanan, a professionally trained theater and film actress. She has numerous theater productions, several commercials. Stacy-Ann is an accomplished model who has graced magazine editorials, fashion shows and swimsuit calendars.


Hon Judy Sgro Scholarship

Hon Judy Sgro is the Liberal Party member of Parliament for the Ontario riding of York West. First elected in 1999, she has represented the riding for 16 years, and, during that time, has worked tirelessly to advance a national and international agenda that is progressive and respectful to human rights.


Justice Aston Hall Scholarship

Justice Aston Hall was called to the Bar in 1995. He became a senior partner in the criminal law firm‎ Hall and Vaughn in 2002 and opened his own firm in 2009. Justice Hall was a member of JCA’s Strategic Planning Committee.



All Scholarships/Bursaries except Dr Ezra Nesbeth

Applicants must be a Canadian Citizen or Landed Immigrant of Caribbean/African background

  1. Be enrolled as a full time student at an Ontario University/College or other post-secondary Institution


  1. Demonstrate remarkable academic performance or progress in high school


  1. Demonstrate involvement and leadership in campus and/or community activities.


  1. Demonstrate financial need.


  1. Applicants for the Marcus Mosiah Garvey scholarship are required to submit a two-page essay on The Life and Times of Marcus Garvey.


  1. Preference will be given to Community College applicants for the Erma Collins Scholarship


  1. Applicants for the Ryerson Scholarships must be first year students of that university


  1. Applicants for the Humber College Scholarships must be first year students of that institution.


  1. Preference will be given to a high school, college or university student demonstrating exceptional aptitude in the health sciences, as well as a natural ability to draw, paint or sculpt, for the Dr. Brown Scholarship. The winning candidate should possess a strong desire to pursue a career in dentistry, dental hygiene or dental assistant.


Dr Ezra Nesbeth Scholarship

  1. Must be a college or university student studying Business, Technology,

Computer Science or Health Science who best meets the following criteria:


  1. Should have high academic standing (minimum B average)


  1. Must have completed at least one (1) year of college or university in Canada


  1. Should demonstrate leadership ability


  1. Must demonstrate strong oral and written communication skills


  1. Should be involved in extracurricular activities within the university, Afro-Canadian community, or wider Canadian community


  1. Must be a landed immigrant or Canadian citizen


  1. Should not be in receipt of more than one other award of equal or greater value in the current year


  1. Must demonstrate economic need, a key selection criterion.


  1. Must have a good understanding of the importance of economic self-sufficiency and entrepreneurship to the success of African Canadians in the Greater Toronto Area, and elsewhere in Canada.


  1. May be required to complete an additional application form.


 Additional Requirements for all Scholarships

  1. An application must include an original or copy of the most recent university/college transcript or report card from the last semester of high school verifying academic performance.


  1. A two-page double-spaced essay describing the applicant’s academic and career goals. This should include how local community/campus activities in which the applicant is involved will enhance these goals.


  1. Two letters of recommendation as character references and descriptions of performance, potential as a student, leader, and employee or volunteer must be submitted with each application.


  1. Two passport size photographs. These photographs become the property of the JCA and may be used for its purposes.


  1. Proof of status in Canada (Citizen or Landed Immigrant).


Selection Criteria

Based on the following criteria, one individual will be selected for each Scholarship by an established JCA Scholarship Selection Committee:

  • Demonstrated scholastic ability
  • Applicant’s response to the essay question
  • Involvement and leadership in community/campus activities
  • Significant personal achievements beyond scholastic ability which may include personal accomplishments in spite of adversity
  • References demonstrating the applicant’s accomplishments
  • Commitment to career goals

Successful candidates will receive only one scholarship and MUST be able to attend the Awards function.

The decision of the Selection Committee is final.

Application Forms are available from:

The Jamaican Canadian Association Center

995 Arrow Road, Toronto M9M 2Z5

The JCA website (www.jcaontario.org/scholarship)

Various Universities/Colleges


Completed applications must be submitted to the JCA by July 22nd, 2017.

Guidelines and Selection Criteria

Scholarship Application Form

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