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St. Joseph’s Teachers’ College | Courses | Entry Requirements | Contact

About St. Joseph’s Teachers’ College

In 1879, three Franciscan Sister of Allegany set sail from New York in a Banana Boat for Jamaica, in answer to the request of the then Vicar Apostolic of Jamaica. On their arrival here, they joined the Scottish Franciscan who was in Jamaica since 1857.

Eighteen years after their arrival, the sisters were asked by the Jesuit Priests to establish a College to provide sound professional training for Catholic Teachers. In 1897 St. Joseph’s Teachers’ College was founded.  It was first located on Duke Street with an enrolment of six female students. The College faced a number of challenging situations, epically that of funding. The administration then was in capable hands of Sr. Deloris McGrane, after whom one of the halls of residence is named.

The College had a rather nomadic existence for a number of years. After the 1907 earthquake, the College was housed in tents. Some rebuilding took place only to be destroyed by fire in 1937.


St. Joseph’s Teachers’ College Courses

B.Ed. With Advance Standing for Primary Education 
Code Course Credits
LA302GEB Advanced Communication Skills 3
SS301GEB Citizenship Education 3
ED212PCB Classroom Management 3
LA101GEB Communication Skills 1 4
ED203PCB Educational Technology 4
ML100GEB Functional Spanish 3
LA400PRB Introduction to Children’s Literature 3
ED303PCB Introduction to Educational Research 3
SS300GEB Introduction to Environmental Studies & SD 2
ED322PCB Introduction to Multi-grade Classroom Teaching 3
LA301PRB Introduction to Writing 3
MT321PRB Mathematics Connections 1 3
MT101PRB Number Concept 1 2
MT111PRB Number Concept 2 2
ED401PCB Philosophy of Education 3
ED302PRB Principles of Primary Teaching 3
ED402PCB Research Applied: Theory into Practice 2
SC321PRB Science Concentration 1 3
SC322PRB Science Concentration 2 3
SC312PRB Science for the Primary Teacher 3 3
ED304PCB Special Needs in Education 2
LA211PRB Teaching LA in Primary 2 3
MT300PRB Teaching Mathematics at the Primary Level 3


B.Ed. With Advanced Standing Early Childhood Education
Code Course Credits
LA302GEB Advanced Communication Skills 3
MT211PRB Algebra & Problem Solving in the Primary Classroom 3
ED300ECB Assessment in ECE 3
SS301GEB Citizenship Education 3
SS302GEB Cultural Studies 2
ED212PCB Curriculum for Infant and Toddlers (0-3 years) 2
ED312PCB Curriculum for Lower Primary Grades (6-8 years) 3
ED203PCB Educational Technology 4
BS200GEB Entrepreneurship 3
SS101ECB Foundation of Social Studies 1 3
SS111ECB Foundation of Social Studies 2 3
ML100GEB Functional Spanish 3
GC104SEB Fundamentals of Guidance & Counselling 3
CG104SEB Fundamentals of Guidance & Counselling 3
ED100ECB Historical & Philosophical Perspectives in Caribbe 4
LA400ECB Introduction to Children’s Literature 3
ED303PCB Introduction to Educational Research 3
SS300GEB Introduction to Environmental Studies & SD 2
LA302ECB Language & Literacy in the Early Years 3
LA211ECB Language and Literacy in the Early Years 3
ED401ECB Leadership & Administration in EC 3
MT302ECB Mathematics & Science for EC Classroom 3
NS400ECB Mathematics & Science in Early Childhood 3
MT101ECB Mathematics in EC 1 3
MT111ECB Mathematics in EC 2 3
RE300ECB Moral Education & Spirituality in Early Childhood 3
ED402PCB Research Applied: Theory into Practice 2
ED400ECB School, Family & Community Relations 3
ED302PCB Special Needs in Education 2
MT301ECB Teaching Young Children Mathematics 3
ED101PCB The Emerging Professional 3
ED311PCB Special Needs in E. C. Education

Duration of Programme

– 5 Semesters (Part-Time ONLY)


Minimum credits required – 60


St. Joseph’s Teachers’ College Entry Requirement

Entry Requirements

– Credit Diploma in Early Childhood education or Primary Education

– Pass* Diploma in Early Childhood or Primary Education

*Applicants with a pass Diploma will be required to do

prerequisite courses


Documents Required

– Application Fee

– Birth Certificate

– Marriage Certificate (if applicable)

– Deed Poll (if applicable)

– Transcript(s) (if applicable)

– CSEC/GCE/SSC Certificate(s)

– 2 References (written with stamp or seal on a Letterhead)

– 1 Photograph

– Copy of Diploma (if applicable)


St. Joseph’s Teachers’ College Application Procedure

St. Joseph’s Teachers’ College does not discriminate on the basis of age, gender, creed/religion, or nationality. When applying for admission applicants must submit the following documents:


  • A completed application form with a current photo ID
    • ID must have a signing date not extending 6 months beyond the date of the application
  • An application fee (non-refundable)

Application forms can be downloaded or obtained directly from the College Office.

Download Application Form

An online application may be completed here.

NB. Application form for the Pre-College Programme is available at the college office.


It is very important that the applicant provides all the information requested on the application form.
Particular attention should be paid to:

  • Mailing address
  • Programme choice
  • Academic status
  • Contact telephone number(s)
  • Next of kin

For admission in August of any year, applicants must file their application by mid-January of the same year. Selected applicants will be advised of a date for the college entrance examination and interviews, which will be held at the college.

The following must be presented at the interview:

  • A certified copy of the applicant’s birth certificate
  • All academic certificates

***A transcript is required for the B.Ed. programmes


St. Joseph’s Teachers’ College Scholarship

In addition to the Government of Jamaica Students’ Loans; several scholarships/grantare available through the college. The Students’ Welfare Committee headed by the Guidance Counsellor coordinates the application process for financial assistance from the following organizations and institutions:   

  • The St Joseph’s Teachers’ College Alumni Association Welfare Fund. (available to 2nd,3rd and 4th year students).
  • DRB Grant Scholarship for Early Childhood Education Students
  • Carreras Group of Companies- applications open in March of each year.
  • Douglas Samuels Memorial Scholarship
  • Alice and Percy Chang Scholarship
  • CHASE FUND – This is a grant available to Early Childhood students who have been employed as Basic School teachers.
  • JAMVAT Work/Study Programme.

Through the office of the Principal or College Campus Minister, assistance from the following may be sought:

  • The Franciscan Sisters of Allegany Student Fund. Assistance is dependent on need and availability of funds.
  • The Roman Catholic Archdiocesan Educational Fund.
  • Assistance may be available to practicing Catholics who are involved in the life of the Church and other Church-related activities on campus and within the community in which they live. Applications may be made through their Church


St. Joseph’s Teachers’ College Contact

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