UOWD Internships

By | June 5, 2017

UOWD Internships

UOWD Internships

UOWD’s internship program offers continuing students an exciting opportunity to develop professional skills and experience alongside their university studies.

The scheme intends to instil students with self-discipline, self-assurance integrity, determination, judgement, and motivation, as well as developing personal and professional competencies.

Internally, internships are currently offered in the following departments:

  • Student Services: Career Services, Event Organisation, Sports and Recreation.
  • IT and Telecommunication Services (ITTS).
  • Faculty offices.

The program is primarily aimed at undergraduate students in the second or final year of study and postgraduate students with no work experience, though depending on the volume of applications, first year students may occasionally be considered. The internship period of employment is normally on a semester by semester basis, provided the student is interested in continuing and the internship host is satisfied with the student’s performance.

Internships with Local Employers

The Career Development Centre also works with local employers to identify and promote external internship opportunities, which cover a broad range of professional disciplines such as HR, Finance, Business Development, Sales and Marketing, Customer Services, and IT. These opportunities are advertised through the student intranet.

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